About Eidaad

Eidaad is an educational initiative program that aims to narrow the gap between Industry & Academia and to establish an Internship that lasts for one academic year so students can engage in a longer period of applied learning. The Eidaad is also provides a platform that facilitates and promotes partnership and intellectual exchange between academia and industry. This program provides an opportunity for university/college students with a year of valuable experience, which will give the graduate an edge when they enter the real world after their studies. The University’s objectives are cited in order to facilitate the management of the placement by the three parties - employer, student and university. Secondly, the potential benefits of ‘a good placement’ can be demonstrated to existing/potential students as well as current and possible employers. Finally, a set of objectives will help to facilitate the learning performance of the student whilst on placement and later in their final year[s] at the University.

purpose of Eidaad

Sultanate of Oman’s economy is changing rapidly, and with it, the talents, skill sets, and experience needed to be a part of that growth cycle. In recent times, the job market has become very competitive and it is a tough learning curve for recent engineering graduates. For this reason, the growth of applied learning and internship opportunities has become a key part of the experience for all students. Thus the main purpose of Eidaad is to meet the rapidly changing needs and challenges of a professional workplace with specific objectives to (i) up-skill students with the proper communication/ behavioural/ future skills and applied technical skills before graduation, (ii) align academia output to the industry needs, (iii) enhance students technical fundamentals and critical thinking skills and to expose them to open-ended real-life situations.

Benefits of Eidaad

The most important benefit of Eidaad is that it provides students with real-world experience before their graduation. No doubt, a good CGPA is important for graduates to apply for a job, however employers want to see entry-level job candidates with some level of exposure to open-ended real-life situations that are outside of the classroom engagement. These are the specific advantages of this program:

  • Learn applied fundamentals of future job discipline
  • Develop key skills such as technical skills, leadership, teamwork, creativity, work ethics, etc.
  • Build high-level transferable skills and the ability to develop and demonstrate professional competencies in the workplace.
  • Link individual project with industry problems
  • Improved employability and career prospects
  • Stand out in the graduate marketplace when competing for jobs
  • Will be able to make better-informed decisions on a future career.
  • Take personal responsibility for tasks, duties and projects with real-world applications.
  • It is possible that placement may lead to a permanent role after graduation

Eidaad study plan

ligible students will apply for the one-year industry placement advertised by the local industries. Selection for the internship is through a screening process as per the set criteria at the Colleges/University and also the host Industry/Company. The students who are successful through the selection process will be designated as Interns and they will embark into a one-year internship at the chosen industry and will resume their final year studies to complete the remaining credits at the campus to graduate in their chosen field of study.

Eidaad Framework

The framework of Eidaad is based on Fundamental Development Programme (FDP) that is based on a blended concept focused on onthe-job training. It provides an opportunity to align academia output to the industry needs, to track the students' progress and to up-skill students. Although the field specific internship training varies from industry to industry, company to company and even amongst departments of the same company, the overall framework of the oneyear internship is tailored to be uniform. The framework of the Eidaad consists of 6 components as shown. The training in these 6 competency areas is envisaged to make available a continuous stream of well-prepared students to work on developmental projects in the industry.

How to apply and what is the activity timeline

step 1: Registration
  • Interested and eligible students register with the respective University/College placement office.
  • Last Date of Registration: 12 August 2020
step 2: Screening
  • Application screening as per the set criteria at the College/University and also host Industry/Company.
  • The initial screening process will complete on or before 13th August 2020 and applicant will be notified to sit for the online assessment.
  • Online assessment briefing will take place 17th August 2020.
  • Online assessment will take place 19th – 20th August 2020.
Step 3: Selection
  • The selection process will complete on or before 25th August 2020 and selected applicant will be notified.
  • Successful students will be allocated to the industry and notified.
step 4: Start
  • The starting date of the Internship is 25th October 2020.
step 5: End

  • It is anticipated that the internship program ends on 30th June 2021.
  • Interns will resume their studies at their University/College starting from fall 2021.
  • During the internship program, the interns will be continuously monitored and assessed.

Participating Companies

Petroleum Development Oman (PDO)


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